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One Great Thing for Wednesday, 4/15

As parents grappling with life in the era of coronavirus ourselves, we know how hard it feels to get through these days—let alone what the next weeks and months will bring. Every day, we’ll share a few great things that are helping us cope with kids at home, work to do, and plenty to worry about. We hope they help you, too.

Teaching kids to answer their own questions has two benefits: It makes them more resourceful, and it helps you not lose your mind. (Because let’s be honest: They’re asking a question every six seconds.) Your daughter asks how many cups are in a pint? Send her to Google, or pass her the phone to ask Grandma. Your son needs to know how to spell "excitement"? Point him to the dictionary or They’ll thank you later. Or not, but that’s parenthood.

With humans staying in, animals are coming out.

Become an inventor. Head back to Time For Kids to see their 10 favorite inventions from last year. Then challenge your kids to come up with their own.

There are some very strange potato chip flavors out there. (And they vary widely around the world!) What unexpected potato chip flavor would you like to try—whether or not it already exists?

Comics have a long and rich history, and they’re constantly evolving. Read about the history of comics and the current graphic novel craze, and then plan your own graphic novel together as a family. (Story starter suggestion: “Once upon a time, there was a global pandemic…”)

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