One Great Thing for Thursday, 4/30

As parents grappling with life in the era of coronavirus ourselves, we know how hard it feels to get through these days—let alone what the next weeks and months will bring. Every day, we’ll share a few great things that are helping us cope with kids at home, work to do, and plenty to worry about. We hope they help you, too.

Have you ever seen a "learning contract"? Our friends at Understood suggest using them to stay on the same page with your kids about remote learning.

Are there more tears than usual in your house these days? More resistance to tasks that used to be no problem? (Washing hands, anyone?) If so, you’re not alone: Acting out is a common response from children experiencing stress and anxiety. Kids need a little extra patience and compassion right now—and so do parents. Here’s some guidance for helping the whole family manage.

You may be (understandably) concerned that your children will fall behind academically with so much time out of school. Learning Heroes has a useful way to assess whether your child is ready for the work of the next grade level. Try it with your child. If there are skills that need more work, you can prioritize them this summer.

If you owned a restaurant, what kind of food would it serve?

Stuck with a bunch of random ingredients in your pantry? Use Supercook to plan a family meal that makes the best of what's left.

Tyrann Mathieu of the Kansas City Chiefs, a New Orleans native and Louisiana State University alum, has a special message for our EdNavigator families during these tough times.

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