Article / Published Apr 30, 2020

One Great Thing for Friday, 5/1

As parents grappling with life in the era of coronavirus ourselves, we know how hard it feels to get through these days—let alone what the next weeks and months will bring. Every day, we’ll share a few great things that are helping us cope with kids at home, work to do, and plenty to worry about. We hope they help you, too.

Manage screen time (yours and theirs) by scheduling recess. Use a timer or alarm to remind you and your kids to unplug and get outside.

A US-Russian crew returned safely from the International Space Station. Back on Earth, they were greeted with cheers and extra precautions.

It seems like sloths are having their moment in the sun these days. They’re showing up on kids’ clothing, greeting cards, you name it. Now they’re basically having their own Sloth Olympics. From Scholastic’s excellent trove of free lessons, check out how rescuers are staging sloth sporting events to help save one of the world’s slowest animals.

If you were moving to another country, but could only pack one carry-on sized bag, what would you pack?

This is actually really cool: Grow your own rainbow with paper towels, washable markers, and water

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