Article / Published Apr 23

One Great Thing for Friday, 4/24

As parents grappling with life in the era of coronavirus ourselves, we know how hard it feels to get through these days—let alone what the next weeks and months will bring. Every day, we’ll share a few great things that are helping us cope with kids at home, work to do, and plenty to worry about. We hope they help you, too.

Here’s a new scheduling strategy to try: Write the day’s learning tasks (and breaks, meals, and fun activities) on Post-It notes or slips of paper. Have your kids throw them away when each one is complete to feel like they’re making progress.

It’s too soon to know all the many ways the coronavirus will change our lives in the short and long term. For college students and high school seniors, big questions about where—or if—they’ll go to school are looming.

While stuck at home, kids are spending more time online, including for school. But how can they learn to distinguish accurate information from false, misleading nonsense? Young adult novelist John Green has a very good 13-minute Crash Course on navigating digital information. Adults, you should watch, too.

If you made a box for all your hopes and dreams, what would it look like?

Watch this short film to explore how quilt-making has been passed down through generations of African-American women in the Deep South, then talk about it together: What do the quilts symbolize? What meaning do they have for the women and their community?

Parents, please enjoy this public service announcement from Elmo's dad: A Moment to Yourself. (And yes, even Elmo’s dad has a hard time with this.)

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