Article / Published Nov 21, 2018

EdNavigator’s Guide to New Orleans Catholic Schools: 2019 Edition

When people think about school choice in New Orleans, they tend to think about charter schools and OneApp, the city’s unified enrollment system. It’s easy to forget that tens of thousands of families exercise school choice in a different way, by enrolling in one of the area’s many Catholic schools.

Two years ago, we created the EdNavigator Guide to Catholic Schools in New Orleans to provide a free online tool for parents interested in exploring their Catholic school options. Before the guide existed, families had to look up information about each school individually. It was hard to track down basic information about application requirements, tuition and school fees. We thought that was a problem, because we believe firmly that families should be able to make fully informed decisions about all of their school options.

Since producing the guide in 2016, we’ve updated it to improve our interactive school finder, add photos of schools, and make other enhancements. This year, you’ll find updated information about how Catholic schools work, the kinds of financial aid and tuition assistance available to families, application timelines, and more. We hope the guide serves as a useful resource for the entire greater New Orleans community.

We rely on individual schools to provide us with information about their application process and specific dates each year, so you may come across a few school profiles in our guide that are missing certain details. If you work in one of these schools or come across new information about a school through your own research, let us know! We’ll update the school’s profile online and save everyone else the hassle of tracking it down themselves.