We help dedicated employers give back to hard-working families while boosting employee engagement and retention.

Invest in your greatest asset — your people.

An investment in your employees’ future is an investment in your business and community. EdNavigator offers employers an innovative way to boost employee engagement, reduce turnover, and cut costs while improving educational outcomes for students and helping families, schools, and communities thrive.

Give back with outstanding support.

Our Employer Partners bring EdNavigator support right to the workplace as a benefit for employees. Our expert Navigators meet with employees during breaks or before and after work hours to help parents keep students on track in school and support adult learners as they pursue their own educational dreams.

Why EdNavigator is Good for Business


Family Stress Means Lower Productivity

It’s hard to focus on work if you’re worried about what’s happening at home or school.

Employee Turnover Is A Big, Expensive Problem

Employee attrition is an enormous challenge with costly ripple effects in the form of recruitment, orientation, training and reduced productivity costs. EdNavigator gives your employees another reason to stay.

Talented Employees Want Family-Focused Benefits

Talented workers prefer companies who support employees’ personal lives. According to Bright Horizons, 62% of working parents say it’s "extremely important" for company values to support their needs.

Better Schools Are Good For Business

A well educated local workforce is a key competitive advantage in the global marketplace—and engaged families make for better schools. When schools and students are doing well, everybody wins.

Consumers Prefer Companies That Care

In a survey by Aflac, for example, two thirds of millennials said they are more likely to invest in a company well-known for corporate social responsibility.

Shared costs, universal benefits.

We use a shared cost model with supplemental funding from our philanthropic partners to maximize our impact and minimize costs for you and your employees. Sponsorship plans start as low as $5 per eligible employee per month.

A benefit with staying power

75% of participating employees say having EdNavigator makes them more likely to keep working for their current employer

pays for itself
more than 3:1.

Sean Cummings, Owner, International House Hotel, New Orleans

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What a Year of EdNavigator Can Do

What’s good for employees and their families is good for employers as well.