The School Year's Ending. How Did It Go?

Giving your child a great education means knowing what you want and keeping a close eye on how things are going. By the end of the school year, everyone’s ready for a break. But before sliding into summer, take some time to look back on your child’s experience in school and think about what comes next. Here are a few easy ways to do just that.

Take stock

Spread all the report cards, test scores, certificates, ribbons and notes your child has received this year out on the dining table. What trends do you see? Were there classes in which your child struggled at first but then improved? Skills where he or she has consistently excelled or had problems? Find something worth celebrating as well as something to focus on. You may want to check out our tips on how to read a report card (it’s not always easy).

Ask questions

Just because the school year is winding down doesn’t mean you can't connect with your child's teachers and school. Use this opportunity to ask teachers to sum up your child’s progress. Our Academic Progress Snapshot form may come in handy – it’s a simple, one-page questionnaire that gives teachers an easy way to share their perspective.

Talk about the year with your child

Wait for a quiet time when you and your child can talk without distractions. Ask how they'd rate their year on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being terrible and 10 being the best. year. ever. Then ask why and share your own score and reasoning. What would they do differently, if they could do it again? What are they proud of? What do they want to focus on next year?

Get ready for summer

Many students lose months’ worth of learning over the summer. If they’re not in school practicing their math and reading skills, they get rusty. Then they have to spend time at the beginning of the next year re-learning what they’ve already been taught. Look for camps or activities to keep your child busy, and make sure they read, read, read