We give hard-working families personalized, ongoing support along the path from preschool to college.

A little help
can make a big

Parents work hard. They have big dreams for their families and they know how much a good education matters. But too many are left to figure out schools by themselves. With EdNavigator, families have a team behind them that knows there’s a path for every student— we just need to find it.

Our Approach


Sign up

You can register to become an EdNavigator member through your employer, a participating community organization, or our website. Members can receive help with their child’s education or with their own learning goals.

Review records

After registering, you’ll be connected to your Navigator. If you’re a parent, we’ll start by carefully reviewing your child’s academic records. If you’re an adult learner, we’ll talk about where you are and where you want to go.

Make a plan

Your Navigator will help you set clear short- and long-term goals, from getting your child into college to helping you get a degree while balancing work and life. Then together, we’ll create a concrete plan for achieving those goals.

Take action

Your Navigator will offer direct, hands-on assistance to help you turn your plans into reality—which may include going with you to school meetings, coaching a child on effective study habits, or connecting you to available community resources.

Stay on track

Our Navigators specialize in keeping families on track for success in school and beyond. As you work toward your goals, EdNavigator will be there for you every step of the way, no matter what challenges or opportunities arise.

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