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5 Reasons Employers Should Care About Families and Schools


When Parents Are Distracted By School Issues, They’re Less Productive At Work.

It’s really hard to focus on work if you’re worried about what’s happening at home or at school. In a 2013 study, nearly half (47%) of all employees reported that the stress of a personal problem affected their performance at work. Among working pare

Employee Turnover Is A Big, Expensive Problem—and Smarter Benefits Can Help Reduce It.

Employee attrition is an enormous challenge, especially in the hospitality industry, which suffers from the highest voluntary quit rate in the country. One in three hospitality industry workers chooses to leave each year, and total turnover exceeds 5

Talented Employees Want To Work For Employers Who Care.

Talented workers have options, and they increasingly want to work for companies who demonstrate a commitment to supporting their employees’ personal commitments and family lives. According to Bright Horizons’ 2015 Modern Family Index, 62 percent of w

Better Schools Are Good For Business.

Companies know that a well educated local workforce is a key competitive advantage in the global marketplace. So how do you get a well educated workforce? There’s plenty of evidence that engaged families make for better schools. Their children are a

Consumers Want To Affiliate With Companies That Care.

The next generation of consumers expects more from businesses than just quality products or experiences. They are looking for companies that reflect their values. In a recent survey by Aflac, for example, two thirds of millennials said that they are

Shared costs, universal benefits.

We use a shared cost model to maximize reach and minimize costs for your employees. Your contribution as an employer partner will be supplemented by our philanthropic funders.

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75% of employees say having EdNavigator makes them more likely to keep working for their current employer


of employees say having EdNavigator makes them more likely to keep working for their current employer

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