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Employers Give Back


We partner with socially conscious employers who provide EdNavigator support as a benefit to their employees at low or no cost. It's a unique way for businesses to attract and retain talented people, invest directly in their employees and families, and help build healthy communities and thriving schools.  

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Families Get Help

We offer families honest advice and direct, hands-on support that helps them solve problems and get things done. Our Navigators combine expert knowledge of schools with a deep understanding of their communities. They build trusting relationships with families and sustain them over the long term. 

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Students & Schools Thrive

By helping families set clear educational goals and navigate the challenges and opportunities along the way, we support their children's short- and long-term educational success. By collaborating with local community organizations, improving family engagement with schools, and building informed demand, we support and strengthen local schools.

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Erica's Story

We created EdNavigator to support parents like Erica.

Erica is a 29-year old mom working as a housekeeper at International House Hotel, our anchor employer partner in New Orleans. She has six school-aged children, and when we first met her, they attended five different schools. She woke up before dawn to hustle from one drop-off to another—and she worried that some of her kids were struggling academically and not getting help. She wanted to get more of them into the same school, but wasn’t sure how.

So together with Erica, we got to work.

Within two weeks, we helped her clarify her short-term goals, investigated what could be done, and accompanied her to the local family resource center, where she successfully transferred two younger children from a “D”-rated school to their eighth grade sister’s “B”-rated school using an existing but obscure sibling consolidation process. We also helped Erica solve a number of practical challenges. For example, International House Hotel offered Erica paid time-off to complete the registration process, and her children’s school provided free uniforms, which she could not have afforded on her own. 

A little bit of help made a big difference for Erica. 

With EdNavigator’s support, she achieved an important goal, one that put two of her children into a higher quality school and positioned their two younger siblings, currently in Head Start, to enroll in the same school over the next two years. While there is much more to do, Erica now has a team behind her that she can call upon whenever the need arises. 

There are millions of parents like Erica across our country.

They work hard. They have big dreams for their kids. They know how much a good education matters. But too many of them are left to figure out schools by themselves, and too many struggle to do so. At EdNavigator, we try to see the world and the educational process through their eyes. There’s a path for every child – we just need to find it.


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